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Hi, You.

Yes, You.

You, who is scared of cooking.

You, who has the responsibility of making (delicious) food for your sweetheart.

You, who has never learned to cook before, but you really want to know how.

You, the one who has allllll the social pressure to be a good wife, a good mom, and a good cook.

You, the busy working woman, who still has the job of putting homemade food on the table.

You, the stay at home dad.

You, the new college student trying to avoid the freshmen 15.

I see you. I hear you. I believe you can learn how to cook, even if right now it seems impossible.

Imagine  coming in after a busy day and  successfully placing a homemade meal on the table while your family runs to the kitchen because they can’t wait for what you cooked. Yes, you! . You sit together around the table and talk about your day while everyone scrapes their plates clean, and as you soak up the compliments you feel proud to feed your family food they love to eat. 



In 2013 I finally had my own place and I was ecstatic to start cooking! I felt like there was this pressure that to be the perfect wife, I had to make perfect and delicious dinners. But, there were numerous nights my husband looked at me with a face that silently asked if we could go out to dinner instead of eating what I had just put on his plate. I often called my mom saying “Help! I don’t remember how to cook rice!” or “What temperature am I supposed to bake chicken at?”. It was always a disaster when she didn’t answer the phone, my heart sunk and I knew dinner would most likely be an epic fail.

Day after day I researched cooking techniques, took notes and tried and tried again. I finally gained confidence in the kitchen by going back to, and learning the basics. It was a lot of trial and error, and a lot of practice! Today, I love to jump into my kitchen and whip something up for dinner. My family loves it and it is a great time to be together. I love that I enjoy my time in the kitchen now, and I can’t wait to help you enjoy the kitchen as well! I’d love to help as you gain your confidence in the kitchen and start pleasing your family with those delicious meals.

If you really don’t know where to start, check out the “How To’s” page. This will get you started in the direction of learning those cooking basics. Each recipe is ranked with a level 1-3. Search through those Level 1 recipes if you are wanting to get your feet wet in this cooking adventure. Don’t be scared! I’m here to help




Please reach out to me with ANY questions that you have. It is my passion to teach you how to cook. It can be scary, there may be some burned sauces and some dry chicken. But at the end of this adventure, there will be numerous nights with your family sitting around delicious dinners. Let me help you get there! I can tell we will be great friends.




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