This Thyme Pommes Anna is a delicious side dish of potatoes layered with butter, salt, pepper and thyme. It is my most favorite potato dish ever.

Difficulty: Level 1 (easy peasy)

Hands On Time: 20 minutes     Cook Time: 60 minutes     Total Time: 1 hrs 20 mins Servings: 4-6 people

This Thyme Pommes Anna is hands down my most favorite potato side dish. My grandma used to make this all the time and I would get so excited every time she did! I mean, what is better than potatoes layered in butter. And I am determined that thyme is the best herb to go with potatoes. Every time I can, I am putting thyme on my potatoes. Guys, thyme + potatoes is like peanut butter + jelly. It’s just meant to be. Next time you are craving a side of potatoes, please, please make these ones.

5 ingredient Thyme Pommes Anna (potato cake)


  • 3-4 large russet potatoes
  • 4 tbsp butter - melted
  • Salt for sprinkling
  • Pepper for sprinkling
  • 4-5 fresh sprigs of thyme


  • Step 1: Preheat oven to 400.
  • Step 2: Peel and slice potatoes about ¼ inch thick
  • Step 3: In a greased cast iron skillet, lay one layer of potatoes on the bottom of the pan.
  • Step 4: Spoon some butter over the potatoes and sprinkle with salt, pepper and thyme.
  • Step 5: Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all the potatoes have been used.
  • Step 6: Cover the pan with a lid and bake for 30 minutes, remove the lid and bake 30 minutes more until potatoes are soft and are starting to brown.
  • Step 7: Carefully flip out the potatoes by placing a plate over the pan and flipping both the plate and pan over together. Or, you can just serve the potatoes out of the pan if you prefer 😉


You can easily adjust this recipe by adding more or less potatoes than the directions call for. Just be aware that adding more potatoes may add cooking time and less potatoes may decrease your cooking time, so keep your eye on the potatoes.


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