There are so many fresh and delicious drinks to make during summer! This is one of my most favorites. Only 4 ingredients, so easy, and so delicious and refreshing.

Difficulty: Level 1 (easy peasy)

Total Time: 5 minutes

Happy June everybody! I am so happy that it is finally June. The weather here is finally starting to warm up! We had such a cold and wet spring. This weeks forecast, sunshine! And therefore, a lot of summery drinks. I love making fancy drinks in the summer, because they are actually so easy! And so refreshing on those hot summer days. What better than to lay in the hammock and drink a fancy drink? That’s living the life right there! You can make these fancy raspberry spritzers for one, or even for a party. Your party goers will love them, but only you know how easy they were to make! So jump on the bandwagon of fancy summer drinks with me, and lets have some fun!


Raspberry Spritzers
Raspberry Spritzers


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