NO BAKE cheesecakes. That means it’s so much easier. Plus, this dessert is just perfect for your romantic Valentine’s dinner!

Difficulty: Level 2 (totally doable)

Hand On TimeSet TimeTotal TimeServings4 mini cheesecakes

Valentine’s Day is almost here people! You only have a couple more days to shop for gifts, buy flowers, order chocolates and prepare you’re food menu. Because eating in is the best thing to do on Valentine’s. No waiting. No reservations. No crowds. Just you, you’re sweetheart and fresh homemade goodness. I can’t say no to a romantic dinner at home.

At our Valentine’s dinner, there WILL be red velvet cheesecake for dessert. And let’s be real. Is there a dessert that screams Valentine’s more the red velvet does? Umm yeah. The answer is no. With an oreo crust, filled with red velvet cheesecake and topped with fresh whipped cream, this dessert is positively sinful for your Valentine’s night.


20 oreos
¼ cup butter – melted
6 oz cream cheese – softened
¼ cup sugar
Pinch salt
½ tsp vanilla
1 tbsp cocoa powder
1 cup cool whip
½ tsp red food coloring
Whipped cream for topping

Step 1: Place oreos in a food processor for 2-3 minutes until they are chopped nicely into crumbs.
Step 2: Mix oreo crumbs with the melted butter.
Step 3: Divide the oreo mixture into four small glass containers and press into the bottom. Set aside.
Step 4: In a stand mixer, combine the cream cheese, sugar, salt and vanilla.
Step 5: Add in the cocoa powder.
Step 6: On low speed, add in the cool whip.
Step 7: Add the food coloring and mix until it is completely incorporated.
Step 8: Divide the cheesecake mixture into the four glass containers.
Step 9: Top with fresh whipped cream or cool whip.
Step 10: Place in the fridge for 1 hour or until ready to serve.

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