Easy Pasta Salad

Time to break out the pasta salad for all those summer BBQ’s! This is my go to easy pasta salad. 5 ingredients, 3 steps, all around super easy to throw together for a potluck.

Raspberry Spritzers

There are so many fresh and delicious drinks to make during summer! This is one of my most favorites. Only 4 ingredients, so easy, and so delicious and refreshing.

Old Fashioned Lace Cookies

These old fashioned cookies throw me right back to the good old days of making these with my grandma! Almond cookies dipped, drizzled and sandwiched with chocolate.

Sassy BBQ Pork Burger

May is my favorite. Because some of my friends and I have dubbed it burger month!! And if you know me at all…you know burgers are my favorite food group. So I brought you me, on a burger.

Rose Sugar Cookie Tutorial

Believe it or not, these beautiful rose sugar cookies are SO easy to make! Watch the video and read the directions to realize that you can totally make these.